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Why Spider A/C Bars Are Better Than A/C Cages:

1. Most cages do not provide a tight fit for the top of the a/c units. Spider A/C Bars adjust accordingly to fit the size of the unit.

2. Most cages only offer one lock. Spider A/C Bars have 12 tamper proof screws - equivalent to having 12 locks per set.

3. Most cages make servicing a/c units difficult. Spider A/C Bars special tool provides easy access for servicing.

Pictures Don't Lie...

a unit with Spider A/C bars installed (in the background),

and a unit with a different 'protection' installed (in the foreground).

Cages Can Have A Serious Flaw...Can You See the Difference?

A Burglar Can!!

Don't let this happen to you!

AC Units stolen, destroyed, at a

tremendous cost to you!

Air Conditioner Thefts In the News

Copper theft suspect seen on roof, arrested...Hampton said the investigation into the extent of the copper thefts is continuing. The wire was being taken out of rooftop air conditioning units...

Air conditioner stolen in Aberdeen [Police blotter]

... with scheming to commit theft less than $1,000 and theft less than $100. ... An air-conditioner was stolen Saturday in the 3300 block of Churchville ...

Kettering police make arrest for rash of air conditioner thefts

KETTERING, Ohio (WDTN) – Kettering police want residents in the Neighborhood Watch program to rest assured that an air conditioner theft suspect ..

Cleveland police say air conditioner theft is common winter crime

A suspect used bolt cutters to snip the lines to this air conditioning unit during an attempted theft on Cleveland's West ...

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